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Fill-Air Rapid Fill Packaging Machine / Pack of 1

This plug-in air fill packaging machine instantly inflates air cushions for void fill and protection of items in cartons and boxes. Versatile and ideal for packing a wide variety of objects, it is used with Fill-Air RF film bags (supplied separately).
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£93.50 ex VAT
(£112.20 inc VAT)
Pack Quantity: 1,

Product Description

Make instant customised sealed air bags for packaging with our portable Fill-Air packaging machine. Easy and convenient to use, this reliable yet cost-effective inflatable void fill solution protects boxed goods from damage due to movement during shipping. Simply plug in the Fill-Air machine, lay the air bag on the goods in the carton and inflate with the machine to fill the gap. Safely utilising a controlled inflation process, operators need only minimal training.

Fill-Air packaging air bags are extremely durable and flexible. Suitable for any workstation, air fill packaging is an ideal cushioning system offering maximum efficiency and productivity.

When you need a void fill product that’s fast and reliable, turn to our sealed air bags inflated on demand by this air cushion packaging machine. Available in 6 sizes and made from durable film, Fill-Air RF bags lock items in place and prevent them from shifting, thus avoiding damage in transit. They are also very easy to use, following these simple steps:

  1. Plug in and switch on the Fill-Air packaging machine.
  2. Pack your box with items for dispatch and leave just one area void (to the side or on top).
  3. Put the flat sealed air bag in the box and insert the inflator nozzle into its valve.
  4. Inflate the bag while holding down 3 of the box flaps, continuing until the void in the box is filled. The clear air bag makes it easy to check when it has expanded to fill the required space.
  5. Remove the inflator nozzle and close the other flap on the box, then seal the box with packing tape as required.

Offering excellent product protection, the Fill Air packaging system is your cost-effective partner for securing important and fragile goods during transit. Choose from the different air bag sizes depending on your packaging needs: the air cushions will lock items in place for total protection. All can be used with the Fill Air Rapid Fill Packaging Machine.


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