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Bubble Wrap & Bubble Wrap Bags

Our bubble wrap products offer an ideal means to protect your fragile goods against knocks and shocks. An excellent cushioning material, Aircap bubble wrap is strong and flexible, plus it’s barrier coated so it retains air better than other brands.

You’ll find our bubblewrap packing gives more protection because it’s moisture and tear resistant, and it’s easy to dispose of once finished with as it’s fully recyclable.

Our rolls of bubble wrap come in small bubble wrap, large bubble wrap and anti-static bubble wrap (in pink) varieties. Our bubble bags (in anti-static variety too) feature a self-adhesive flap.

Our bubblewrap products are light, easy to use and convenient to store. They are great for a wide range of packaging applications including mailing small or lightweight items or packing boxes when moving house. Aircap barrier-sealed bubble film offers excellent cushioning properties so it’s good for void fill, while its smooth surface protects your goods against surface scratching, so is ideal for interleaving fragile items such as china plates.

Most products can be easily packed using our small bubble-size bubble wrap, a popular general purpose bubble wrap packing which comes in 7 widths. However, delicate products with awkward shapes are better protected using our large bubble wrap available in six widths.

Items with sensitivity to static electricity (such as electrical components) are better packed in our anti-static bubble wrap (in 4 widths). For quicker and more convenient packing, use our bubble wrap bags (anti-static or regular each in 7 sizes) which are ready to use pouches made from bubble film with a self seal flap and supplied in small bubble size.

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