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Fill-Air Rapid Fill Packaging Machine

Cushion packaging provides a smart void fill solution to safely store or transport valuables and fragile items avoiding breakage or damage. Our Sealed Air Rapid Fill Air bags, produced by our air packaging machine, make ideal pillow packing material thanks to their versatility and durability.

Requiring minimal training to use, the handy machine instantly inflates the cost-effective packaging pillows to cushion your products from knocks and bumps during the shipping process. And because the pressure of the bags can easily be customised they can also hold items in place.

The packaging air bags are available in 7 different sizes.

£152.00 ex VAT


(£182.40 inc VAT)


£182.00 ex VAT


(£218.40 inc VAT)


£235.00 ex VAT


(£282.00 inc VAT)


Ensuring that valuable items – especially fragile objects – arrive safely at their destination has always been a very challenging task, particularly for those whose business involves shipping fragile or valuable products to their customers. Our inflatable sealed air bags (in 7 sizes) and Fill-Air packaging machine are the convenient and cost-effective answer. This efficient air packaging system can be used at the smallest packing station because the air fill bags need minimal storage space and the portable machine plugs in anywhere to provide you with on-demand pillow packaging.

This is a versatile yet durable method to maintain the quality of your products while they are being transported. What is more, by monitoring the amount of inflation produced, our packaging air bags are easily customised to suit your needs.

Here are 5 simple steps to help you get the best performance from our compact and reliable Sealed Air Fill-Air machine and air bags for packaging:

  1. Switch on the fill-air machine.
  2. Place the items you wish to ship inside a carton, and make sure to leave one void area inside (this may be either at the top or on the side of the object).
  3. Position the flat, unfilled sealed air bag in the carton and insert the inflator nozzle of the machine into the bag’s valve.
  4. Keep 3 flaps of the box closed while using the fill-air machine to inflate the sealed air bag.
  5. When you think the packaging air bag has expanded enough to fill the void you left in the box, remove the inflator nozzle and shut the last flap of the carton. You are then ready to seal it with one of our adhesive tapes.

So quick and easy to use, our sealed air bags guarantee to provide the efficient packaging protection that will give peace of mind and satisfaction to both you and your customers.




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