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Warning Adhesive Printed Tape

Our range of printed adhesive tape ensures that your parcels get the attention or care they require. Made from premium grade vinyl or poloypropylene, our adhesive warning tape saves you time and money because it is also a packing tape, meaning you can secure your cartons and other packaging without having to add extra warning labels.

Handlers can’t miss any of our warning tapes as they are all printed in a large and clear red typeface on a white background, sending out your message loud and clear, whether it’s “FRAGILE”, “GLASS WITH CARE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE”.

Our warning tape range provides you with superb carton sealing and self adhesive packing tapes to use when packaging glass, mirrors, china, paintings, breakables or other items that need a handle with care caution tape. Our printed tapes are ideal for shipping or moving house and can also be used as a way of identifying if sealed items have been opened or tampered with.

Our adhesive warning tape is 50mm wide and comes in packs of six 66m rolls of premium vinyl printed tape. A polypropylene 'FRAGILE' tape is also available. It is handily used with a tape dispenser and has the advantage of being low noise, reducing those screeching sounds that can come from tapes for packing.

Don’t buy extra labels to warn handlers about your parcels which call for special care and attention. Our strong, durable warning tape seals perfectly as well as signalling to handlers the need for care.

In addition to our pre-printed packaging tape, you can order self-adhesive tape to be customised according to your specifications - ideal for advertising or identifying your company.

Our adhesive tape printed with warnings is specially made to secure fragile and delicate packaging in shipping or storage. Choose from glass tape, handle with care tape and fragile tape - fragile tapes are available in both vinyl and polypropylene.

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