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Air Pillow Machine - Minipak R

Our portable and convenient air pillow machine is perfect for producing instant cushion packaging, bubble wrap styled air packing void fill for all your packaging needs. Sold separately are 5 different styles of film, wheeled air bag storage bins, a foot pedal, a cart on which you can mount the MiniPak R machine, and a belt spares kit.

Our air pillow machine is a plug-in system using ambient air (no compressor needed). Watch the video on the right to see how simple it is to make cushion packaging with this air packing machine.

“Bubble Wrap” on Demand

This is a fantastic portable, space saving machine – perfect for a Lean Environment, as it uses rolls of air bag film (sold separately), thus eliminating the need for storing bulky void filler and cushioning material. Pillow packaging is clean and presentable, reliable and lightweight, an innovative alternative to traditional forms of protective packaging. This is a great air packing system, whether you have a busy mail room or dispatch just a few boxes a day.

Virtually maintenance free this air pillow machine is easy to set up, just needing a standard plug socket. The Mini Pak’R machine is your versatile packaging partner. It can produce, on demand, 5 different shapes of pillow packing that are excellent for most shipping needs, providing instant protective packaging and bubble air cushions for wrapping, lining and void fill.

The 5 different styles available are:-

•    Small quilt air cushioning
•    Large quilt air cushioning
•    Novus Supertube
•    Novus double cushion
•    Film 130 air pillow

For extra convenience, the Mini Pak R can be mounted on a wheeled cart (sold separately), allowing you to produce and carry the air pillows to various packing stations. Other cost-effective accessories available are a foot pedal to allow hands-free operation, a simple bin on wheels to take the air cushions where needed, and a replacement belt kit.

Our air pillow machine is a real work horse. It can give you up to 7.6 metres (25 feet) of air cushions per minute – and without the need for an air compressor.

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