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Wrapping and Cushioning Materials for Ultimate Package Protection

Our wrapping and cushioning materials ensure the protection of your parcels in transit or storage, and we have the ideal solution for all your packaging needs. Choose from our range of wrapping paper, void fillers, foam packaging and loose fill to safeguard fragile goods such as electronic items, glass and ceramics or other products which could be damaged if shaken or knocked.

Our wrapping systems are also excellent for odd-shaped products because as well as providing protection, the cushioning materials such as void fill can be used to plug gaps in your packaging and secure the contents.
Without any cushioning and proper wrapping, goods can easily get broken or damaged in transit. However, rest assured that even your most awkwardly shaped products will reach your customers in perfect condition if you use our wide selection of cushioning materials and wrapping paper.

Our expanding foam packaging produces an instant customised clean moulded fitting round your product, while our bubble wrap gives lightweight but excellent protection. Economical corrugated paper remains ever popular for wrapping protection, and air cushion packaging is a quick and easy protective space filler. Other void fill solutions are the environmentally friendly loose fillers white newsprint, embossed straw paper and new biodegradable polystyrene chips. For the transport of dangerous goods vermiculite is an excellent and safe cushioning.

Moisture resistant foam rolls keep your fragile and delicate goods from getting scratched or damaged, while you’ll find our brown paper wrapping and tissue paper, including acid-free, cheap yet effective.

Our polystyrene picture frame corner protectors complete a range that meets all your cushioning and wrapping needs.

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