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Eco Mailing Bags – Recyclable & Sustainable

Our innovative eco mailing bags are the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bubble bags. They offer the same protection as plastic lined mailers but are completely made of paper, meaning they are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Known as “Flutelopes”, these eco padded envelopes feature a corrugated fluting lining that cushions contents in transit. A secure peel and seal self-adhesive strip allows you to seal the bags easily and quickly. Our corrugated envelopes are available in 3 popular sizes.

Eco mailing bags are ideal for online businesses to show eco-friendly credentials, while their smooth uncoated white finish gives an attractive presentation.

Eco Mailing Bags

Made from sustainable white paper, these eco mailing bags are corrugated envelopes cleverly constructed with a fluted paper lining inside the envelope to provide cushioning for items in transit. They are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, including the peel-and-seal plastic-free strip.

Our eco envelopes are a realistic green option to replace bubble mailers containing plastic and they come in 3 useful sizes:

  • Royal Mail large letter category
    215x150mm (H x W) internal measurements, 225 x 170mm external measurements, 145gsm material weight
  • Royal Mail large letter category
    265x180mm (H x W) internal measurements, 285 x 200mm external measurements,  145gsm material weight
  • Royal Mail small parcel category
    340x240mm (H x W) internal measurements, 350 x 260mm external measurements, 160gsm material weight

Corrugated Envelopes

Made from white matt paper, our eco envelopes offer you a totally eco-friendly lightweight protective packaging solution that’s plastic-free, unlike traditional bubble envelopes, and completely recyclable. With their inner fluted lining, they provide an excellent postal packing alternative to traditional jiffy padded bags or bubble lined envelopes.

Our corrugated envelopes are simple to store and use, being a pocket format with a 50mm fold-over flap and peel-and-seal self-adhesive strip for secure closure.

Ideal for general use, these eco mailing bags are the reliable answer for any business looking to use packaging that’s more sustainable.

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