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Using Bubble Wrap

The purpose of any cushioning is to prevent damage in transit from shocks, bumps and vibrations. Different materials do this in different ways. Some (like bubblewrap) will squash and recover repeatedly while others (like corrugated materials) will squash but not recover, i.e. - one good bump and they remain squashed! This is why bubblewrap has become so popular over the years; it’s cheap, effective and, for what it is, uses very little material.
There are two sizes of bubble available from Packaging2Buy, large and small.
By this, we mean the ‘bubbles’ themselves are different sizes. Small bubble, which has a diameter of 10mm and a height of 4mm per bubble, and large bubble, which has a diameter of 20mm and a height of 7mm per bubble.

Which size bubbles should I use?

This depends on what you are packing and how you want to use the bubblewrap. Most products can be easily and well packed in small bubblewrap, however, the large bubbles are better for delicate shapes such as wine goblets etc. The large bubbles are also well suited as a void filling medium.

What's the difference between large and small bubbles?

The fundamental difference is one of softness. Large bubbles are softer and thus more suited to delicate things, unless you just need the extra thickness to bulk out of box. However, small bubbles will carry more weight. For example, if you wrapped three heavy doors in large bubblewrap you may find the bubbles bursting with the weight. In such a situation smaller bubbles would be better suited.

Why should I choose Bubble Wrap?

Bubble wrap is an extremely popular way of packaging fragile and heavy items to ensure they will not break or chip. Compared to other cushioning materials, bubblewrap holds its air longer and more consistently. It is also thicker than most cellular cushioning materials, making it stronger and more durable.

Bubblewrap can also save you money on shipping fragile items. As you do not need a large volume of bubblewrap to properly secure your item(s), less material is used to provide increased safety and security.

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