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Protective Packaging - AirPack

This innovative inflatable protective packaging solution offers highly effective instant air cushioning to fit a range of frequently shipped fragile goods. Ideal for dispatching bottles, laptop computers and mobile phones, it comprises differently-sized inflatable packing bags designed specifically for 15” laptops, small phones and large phones, and bottle packs for single, double and treble wine or champagne bottles. The bottle packaging comes complete with cardboard cartons for packing.

The protective cushion packaging bags are quick and easy to use: simply pump them up on demand with a small compressor (available separately) or airline. They mould snugly around the product thanks to multi air chambers.

three bottle box with inflatable protective packaging
  • Save 45%
Inflatable Bottle Packaging for Three Bottles
£69.60 £38.40 (£46.08 inc tax)
inflatable postal protective packaging for 15 inch laptops
  • Save 27%
Protective Packaging for Laptops
£75.00 £55.00 (£66.00 inc tax)
small mobile phone protective packaging
  • Save 27%
Protective Packaging for Small Mobile Phones
£11.00 £8.00 (£9.60 inc tax)
inflatable protective packaging for large mobile phones
  • Save 23%
Protective Packaging for Large Mobile Phones
£13.00 £10.00 (£12.00 inc tax)
AirPack Systems Compressor
£130.00 (£156.00 inc tax)
airpack pump for inflatable pillow packaging
  • Save 25%
AirPack Pump
£20.00 £15.00 (£18.00 inc tax)
Save time, space and money with our air cushion protective packaging which delivers superior performance into the bargain. Supplied flat-packed and easy to store, our inflatable packing bags are lightweight for postage yet provide maximum fragile packing protection with no need for extra void fill to guard against damage in transit or storage. They are made from top quality strong co-extruded plastic and constructed with multi-chambers that mould around the item to be packed. Clever design and valve technology means that your item will still be protected even should one of the chambers be punctured in transit.

This is a real time-efficient packaging cushion solution: you just pop your product into the bag, inflate on demand then pack and post, or you can inflate the bag first before placing the product inside. The bags are inflated by an airline or simple compressor (can be supplied separately). Each bag (except those for small phones, which have an inflation hole) has a little green nozzle to make the process even quicker.

Our air cushion packaging comes in several sizes for specific items



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