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FillPak Paper Packaging & Void Fill

The eco-friendly Fill Pak paper packaging void fill, which is highly effective and durable, is available in two biodegradable options.

The sustainable 70gsm Fillpak Greenline is made of 100% recycled paper whereas the original paper is 50gsm is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. Both papers are perfect for general packing applications, and durable enough for reuse.

Both can be scrunched by hand or with our FillPak TT Manual Dispenser or *FillPak TT Machine to fit the gaps in your parcels, thus securing and cushioning items for transit or storage. The paper fill is a superb shock absorber, easy to store, reusable and biodegradable. It is converted into void fill in just a few moments using the dispenser, which is light, compact and operated by hand.

The 15-inch Kraft brown paper is equally suitable for general packing and void fill purposes, making the whole FillPak system a cost-effective packaging and paper solution.

* Phone for more details of the FillPak TT Machine on 01707 635353 which can be bought or rented. 


Get your **FREE** FillPak TT Manual Dispenser (worth £105 + VAT) with each order of 48 packs! 

£54.00 £28.00 ex VAT (£33.60 inc VAT)
No of Packs 1+ 4+ 12+ 48+
Price / Pack ex VAT  £28.00 £26.50 £24.00 £22.50
Pack Quantity: 1,
380mm x 360m
If sustainability is important to your business or organisation then this product is just perfect as it ticks so many boxes. Our FillPak Greenline...

£49.80 £44.90 ex VAT (£53.88 inc VAT)
No of Packs 1+ 4+ 12+ 48+
Price / Pack ex VAT  £44.90 £43.50 £41.50 £39.50
Pack Quantity: 1,
381mm x 500m
When choosing void fillers, you’ll find our FillPak paper is a low-cost and versatile natural void fill solution. Made from easily recyclable and...

£105.00 ex VAT (£126.00 inc VAT)
No of Packs 1+
Price / Pack ex VAT  £105.00
Pack Quantity: 1
Our manual FillPak TT Manual dispenser quickly and easily converting 15-inch Kraft paper into void fill material. It is an ergonomic and cost-effective...

FillPak paper system is quite simply a superb environmentally-friendly brown paper for void fill and packaging. The two types of biodegradable paper are made from strong single-ply Kraft paper, which is both flexible and durable, perfect for instant paper void fill.  The Fillpak Greenline paper (SKU GREEN FILLPAK-70), made from 100% recycled materials, is 70gsm rather than 50gsm of the original Fillpak paper.  This means that less packaging material is required which results in less wastage.


It is ideal for filling those gaps down the side and on top of goods packed in boxes. You can use our handy Fillpak TT machine, feeding in the fill paper and tearing it off as required at the perforation as it forms a star configuration, or simply scrunch it up by hand. The star configuration allows you to use the paper fill to its maximum because it adapts easily to the gaps to be filled.

The Fillpak void fill solution is extremely convenient as the paper is easily stored and the machine is light and easy to use – it does not have a motor. The machine, which takes up little space, has a height-adjustable table clamp so it can be moved where needed in a busy packing station.

This cost-effective all-in-one Fillpak paper packaging void fill system saves time, money and improves productivity.

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