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Acid Free Tissue Paper for Wrapping Delicate Goods

Our acid free tissue paper is glazed, acid free and anti tarnish, perfect for wrapping and protecting fragile items like jewellery, glassware, cutlery and silver, or when you want to give items a superior presentation. Specially manufactured to have a neutral PH value, our acid free tissue paper keeps products tarnish-free so is a must-have as an inner wrapper when packing silverware or jewellery for posting or storing. This packing tissue’s acid free feature means it is also suitable for packaging and packing antiques. Manageable and light, acid free white tissue paper is great for void filling, interleaving and scrunching as well.

£14.50 ex VAT £17.40 inc VAT
No of Packs 1+ 5+ 10+
Price / Pack ex VAT  £14.50 £13.00 £12.00
Pack Quantity: 1,

£16.50 ex VAT £19.80 inc VAT
No of Packs 1+ 5+ 10+
Price / Pack ex VAT  £16.50 £15.00 £14.00
Pack Quantity: 1,
500 x 750mm
Choose our acid free packing tissue if you want to give your parcels that extra special touch or if you are wrapping silverware or jewellery. This white tissue paper is a premium quality glazed inner paper specially designed to remove the contaminants that may tarnish your valuables.

Acid free tissue paper will solve your problems wrapping delicate and fragile goods like jewellery, silverware and china. Made with a regulated neutral PH value, our acid free tissue packaging will help maintain your product’s original appearance.

In time a typical economy tissue paper becomes brittle and acidic, the acidity eventually transferring to the object it is wrapping and causing discoloration. On the other hand, our acid free packing tissue is specifically manufactured to remove these contaminants. So this tissue packing paper also makes a perfect wrapping and packing material for antiques and is excellent for interleaving delicate porcelain plates.

Manageable and light to use, our acid free tissue paper is suitable as void fill or general wrapping applications. It comes in 450 x 700mm and 500 x 750mm sizes.



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