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Customised Cardboard Box and Carton FEFCO / ESBO Styles

Here are some popular FEFCO / ESBO carton styles for you to choose from, so you can select the right type of corrugated cardboard box to suit your packaging needs. You can be assured of the quality of our range of cardboard boxes, conforming to FEFCO standards (The European Federation or Corrugated Board Manufacturers) and the ESBO code (The European Solid Board Organisation). This international code assigns a number and easy to understand drawing to each style of cardboard carton.

Choose single or double wall corrugated boxes, and note that each style of our cardboard cartons can be customised to your specifications, made to measure or printed as you wish.

For further help with customised boxes and cartons please feel free to contact us on 01707 635353.

    0200                          0201                             0203                           0211                                          


   0300                           0310                              0320                           0907/0503   


   0409                            0421                             0422                           0427



We have a wide choice of styles of cardboard cartons and corrugated boxes for packing or shipping, which you can use as cheap custom packaging by specifying the size and having the cardboard box custom printed to give you a smart custom made box. You have the additional choice of single or double walled cardboard for your corrugated boxes.

Choose your cardboard boxes from the sketches and details above, which conform to the ESBO and FEFCO codes (The European Solid Board Organisation and The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers).

For FEFCO box styles click on the sketch for a detailed drawing and description, noting that the flat layouts are always viewed from the inside of the cardboard carton. On the drawings, L = Length, the longer measurement of the FEFCO box at its opening, B = breadth, the shorter dimension at the opening, and H = height, the measurement from the top of the opening to the base of the cardboard carton. It’s the simple way to start your custom packaging design – you’re on the way to a perfect custom made box.

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