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Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Our corrugated cardboard sheets can be easily cut to fit the size you need, making packaging easier and more convenient. You can even use them to form your very own postal corrugated wraps! Made from lightweight and clean single wall corrugated cardboard, the sheeting helps protect your products from scratches while also acting as a shock absorber. Corrugated sheets are excellent as layering pads or separators in boxes, and can help keep documents flat when you insert them into mailings. They are easy to store, recyclable and reusable within reason.

The brown corrugated cardboard sheets are 762x1016mm / 30 x 40ins, approximately 3mm thick.

£24.00 ex VAT (£28.80 inc VAT)
No of Packs 1+ 2+ 5+ 10+
Price / Pack ex VAT  £24.00 £22.40 £21.20 £20.40
Pack Quantity: 20,
762 x 1016mm

When you need to improve product stacking or increase the stability and capacity of your pallets, our corrugated sheets will make an ideal solution. This clean and lightweight corrugated packing material is generally used to protect and cushion products on a pallet. Cardboard sheeting is also ideal as a liner or to separate items in containers or boxes, stopping the goods from damaging each other. Simply cut the corrugated sheets to size and insert them either horizontally as layers or vertically as ‘walls’. (Just make sure always to pack heavier goods at the bottom).

Cushioning your products from scratches and abrasions during transit or in storage, our corrugated sheeting is useful for packing smaller objects too. It is flexible enough to be cut and made into instant corrugated wraps for posting a wide variety of items. It is an affordable must-have protective material to use when moving house.

Each of the 125 grade cardboard sheets are 3mm thick, so they make a superb instant stiffener inside envelopes to safeguard documents and keep them flat.

For low-cost and flexible packaging, you can’t beat our corrugated cardboard sheets.
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