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Polythene Sheeting

Our plastic sheeting is an ideal protective wrapping solution for products in transit or storage. Clear sheeting is widely used to safeguard furniture, bedding or clothing from dust and moisture. Supplied in medium or heavy duty rolls, the polythene sheeting is also good for protecting furniture.

Our polythene rolls are tough yet flexible and useful in numerous outdoor tasks because the plastic sheeting is waterproof. Polythene sheeting can be used to cover construction materials, warehouse equipment and machinery, and as a damp proof membrane. It’s handy for cold frames in the garden and can even be used as instant double glazing.

Our polythene sheeting rolls come in 2 widths (2m and 4m) and in 3 grades, light duty 200 gauge (50 microns) medium duty 400 gauge (100 microns) and heavy duty 850 gauge (210 microns). The light and medium duty poly sheets are perfect for general wrapping applications of items without sharp edges or as a protective sheet. The heavy duty polyethylene plastic sheeting is suitable for heavyweight objects or industrial use.

Polythene sheeting is great in both domestic and commercial wrapping applications. Centre folded along the length for easy storage and handling, our plastic sheeting is resistant to many chemicals, rot proof and waterproof. These rolls of clear sheeting are really convenient to have on hand to help protect your valuables from dust, moisture and dirt. Our duct tape is brilliant for securing the polythene sheeting as is our security tape – which is two way reinforced.

Versatile and handy to store, our flexible and tough polythene sheeting is the reliable and cost-efficient wrapping solution in many different work areas and industries. Don’t forget, our plastic sheeting is available in three varieties – light duty, medium duty and heavy duty – and all types are available in two widths.
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