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Stretch Films / Pallet Wrapping

Our cast stretch film is ideal for palletising loads and stabilising goods of irregular shape. Suitable for general application and in cold storage, the stretch wrap protects your items from dust and moisture. It is transparent, so you can easily see and monitor your goods, and our pallet wrap is resistant to tears and punctures, so giving your packages extra security.

Our cast stretch film is supplied in clear with blown film also available in black which is ideal if you should wish to conceal what your pallet contains.

You can apply our robust pallet wrapping manually or with the aid of dispensers, so long as you use the maximum amount of stretch that’s possible to pull it taut.

Our range of stretch wrapping film will ensure the protection of your palletised goods. It also performs the double function of improving the stability of loads with irregular shapes, making handling and storing easier and more efficient. Supplied in clear cast film or black in blown stretchwrap, all our pallet wrapping is environmentally friendly.

Our stretch film is ideal for general palletising applications. Invaluable for use in warehouses, the transparent wrap stretch is available in 17, 20, 23 and 34 micron in clear cast film whilst also being available in a 25 micron blown black polythene.
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