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Packaging Machines

Our range of packaging machines is geared towards offering a faster and more convenient packing process in all sectors of industry and mailing businesses. Packing machinery not only guarantees increased productivity but also savings in time and energy – ideal in a Lean environment.

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As well-established packaging machinery suppliers, we are proud to display our selection of packing machinery – a product of our experience and expertise in the field. We supply all sectors of retail, business and industry – whether big or small – with machines that are cost-effective while also being innovative, reliable and fast.

For products needing air cushioning, we have our Fill-Air Rapid Fill Packaging Machine and the Minipak R Machine. Both of these adaptable machines can also be used to produce bags to fill empty spaces and cushion your products.

Our FillPak TT Machine on the other hand is an economical solution that produces void fill from biodegradable kraft paper.

The Polythene Bag Heat Sealers, which are available with and without a cutter, produce secure bag seals that are both airtight and watertight.

We will be pleased to discuss with you the ideal packaging machines to suit the purposes of your business or enterprise.
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