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Using Stretch Wrap

Handheld Stretchwrap is a polythene film which is stretched into place around pallet or bundle creating an ‘elasticated bandage’ effect with a strong hold, which forms an effective way to secure your palletised goods. It is water resistant, and protects against dust and dirt.

Blown Hand Stretchwrap is a good all round general purpose film. It is commonly used in warehouses, typically used for heavier, irregular loads due to its tear and puncture resistant film. It also features an adhesive coating on both sides to ensure a stable load.

Our Pallet Wrapping Tips:
  • Place the outside of the film to the surface of the pallet.
  • Secure the film to the pallet before wrapping by tying in to the pallet base.
  • Ensure the film covers the base of the pallet and bottom layer of the load.
  • Wrap bottom TWICE (at least) to secure
  • Overlap the film by at least 30%
  • Depending on the load – decide if the pallet needs a second wrap
  • Use the film horizontally to create a “strap” if wrapping heavier loads
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