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Tissue Paper for Packaging, Packing & Voidfill

Our tissue paper products are ideal for general wrapping applications including void filling, interleaving and scrunching. Our white acid free tissue paper is supplied in 450 x 700mm and 500 x 750mm sizes.

The ideal choice for wrapping or storing fragile items like jewellery and silverware is acid free tissue paper which is made with a neutral PH value that’s regulated to protect your valuables and keep them tarnish and acid free.

Our white packing tissue paper is an economical option to wrap things that are not prone to tarnishing.

Our tissue packaging provides an excellent way to reinforce the protection and safety of valuables. The economy white tissue paper is a cheap and effective soft packing tissue, and is an invaluable general wrapping material, especially in the bakery, garment, retail and removal industries. 

Acid free tissue paper is particularly suitable for protecting silverware and jewellery as it has a neutral PH value. Being acid-free, it also makes a good packing material for fragile china, helping it keep its original colour. Manageable and light, the acid free packing tissue paper is soft enough to wrap even small items.

Supplied as white tissue paper acid free in packs of 450 x 700mm or 500 x 750mm our packing tissue is also perfect as void fill, scrunching, and interleaving material.

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