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Multi Depth Boxes / Adjustable Height Boxes

A time and space-saving solution, our choice of 3 flat packed multi depth boxes allows you to effectively stock several double wall cardboard box sizes in minimum storage space. Thanks to the 3 pre-scored creases on their sides, these recyclable cardboard cartons can be customised to your required box depth by folding down the sides and cutting down the corners.
This is an ingenious stock-rationalising solution for anyone needing to keep different sizes of corrugated box for packing.

Our multi depth boxes are cost-effective too as their strength means they can be re-used. So these adjustable height boxes will save you money all-round.

Packaging items for your business or packing for house moving can mean having to stock up a lot of cardboard boxes in different sizes. Aside from the cost of this and sacrificing precious storage space, it also means finding the right box size can take too much time.

But you don't have to worry about this with our clever multi depth boxes! You can be assured that our three multi-score boxes, L59, L64 and L68, are all double wall corrugated cardboard boxes made to the same high specification as our standard range.

These adjustable height boxes are designed so you can quickly create your own custom-size corrugated box. The sides of the cardboard cartons are pre-creased at intervals so you simply fold them down to your desired depth and cut down the corners.

With an easily adjustable height, you get to save on your void fill packaging materials too. And if you are sending your packages via Royal Mail, the flexibility of these cardboard boxes helps you conform to PiP (Pricing in Proportion) requirements, thus keeping down postage costs.

An ingenious answer to your box size needs, these multi depth boxes are made of strong and durable biodegradable corrugated cardboard and can easily be re-used or recycled.

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