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Postal Tubes

Our cardboard postal tubes provide a versatile and secure packing solution for mailing or storing items which can be rolled, like posters, maps or charts. They are the perfect means to post valuable documents. Each cardboard tube gives your papers complete protection while in transit or in storage. They are reinforced by the white plastic end caps that are specifically designed to snap into place and secure the packaging tube’s contents tightly.

Strong, lightweight and economical, our environmentally friendly packing tubes are made from recycled materials and are of course recyclable themselves or can be reused.

Choose from our wide range of postal tube sizes to secure and protect any of your important documents. Ranging from the size that fits up to A3 (330mm x 44.5 mm) to the cardboard tube that fits B0 (104.6mm x 76 mm), you don’t need to worry about posting or storing important documents as our packaging tubes provide the perfect and convenient answer. Allowing for the end caps, please add about 40mm extra to fit your documents.

Our cardboard tubes are ideal for posting or storing calendars, artwork posters, prints, maps or architectural plans. Simply roll up your document into the poster tube and it’s ready to be shipped. Made from tough recycled and recyclable cardboard, the packing tube’s strength is reinforced by its end caps made of white plastic, designed specifically to hold the contents in place during transport or storage.

You will be delighted with the professional presentation afforded to your documents by our cardboard postal tubes.

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