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Strapping Dispensers

Our range of strapping dispensers will help improve the efficiency of the strapping process when organising your loads. Each strapping dispenser is convenient and easy to use, saving you time and energy. We have two types of mobile strapping trolley, for strapping with a cardboard core or a plastic reel, and two types of static strapping dispenser, also for a cardboard core or a plastic reel.

All are suitable for polypropylene strapping. Take your dispenser to your load, rather than the other way round – make life even easier by using our strapping dispenser carts with integral trays for carrying equipment. Further to that there are integral strap brakes to prevent over-runs.

Improve loading and banding safety and efficiency by using our strapping dispensers to eliminate awkward and dangerous heavy coils of straps. Static or mobile, they are perfect for many general strapping and special applications. The strapping carts are the answer in a big shipping area or warehouse and they have the added advantage of integral trays to store tools.

All our strapping dispensers and strapping trolleys are hard-wearing and sturdy. They are especially designed to serve you and your workplace for years, while making the strapping process easier and more manageable for you.

Our strapping dispensers are suitable for polypropylene strapping, and the strapping trolley for use with a cardboard core has steel flanges which allow use of core-wound strapping. There are integral strap brakes prevent over-runs. They are all neat, well designed and user-friendly.

We have two static strapping dispensers, for strapping either on a cardboard core or a plastic reel, and two types of mobile strapping dispenser, also either cardboard core or plastic reel.

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