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FillPak Paper / Pack of 1

This single-ply void fill paper is versatile and very quick to use, either scrunching by hand or with our convenient FillPak TT machine. It is made of durable Kraft paper, providing great cushioning and shock-absorbing protection to packages. Fillpak paper is a cost-effective, reusable natural material that can also be used as storage wrap.
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List price: £49.80
£44.90 ex VAT
You save: £4.90 (10%)
(£53.88 inc VAT)
Pack Quantity: 1,
381mm x 500m
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Price / Pack ex VAT  £44.90 £43.50 £41.50 £39.50

Product Description

When choosing void fillers, you’ll find our FillPak paper is a low-cost and versatile natural void fill solution. Made from easily recyclable and biodegradable materials, this void fill paper is a strong kraft paper, which is excellent for many general packing purposes

Extremely durable, the paper fill is a great shock absorber, cushioning and securing your packages and helping to reduce damage and breakage during transit or while in storage. Easy to store, the FillPak TT paper comes in a single ply which makes it manageable to use. Scrunch it manually or with our FillPak TT void fill machine to create an effective void filler.

* Fillpak TT Machine sold seperately

The versatility and durability of our FillPak paper makes it an ideal packing solution for many different items. A cost-effective void fill paper, Fillpak will make your void fill systems easier and faster – increasing your productivity! Perfect for filling unnecessary gaps in your boxes, Fillpak can be scrunched either manually or with the aid of our FillPak TT void fill machines. Placed inside your boxes, the biodegradable and recyclable paper fill cushions and secures your parcels inside, making sure that the product stays in its place throughout the shipping process. Also great as storage wrap, our durable FillPak paper void filler absorbs shocks very well, which helps to avoid breakage or damage from knocks.

The paper is made from custom-engineered biodegradable Kraft paper, single-ply for manageable usage but durable enough to be reused. You can store it easily with no mess in a small space. For environmentally friendly, cost-effective yet quick application void filler, our FillPak paper is your answer.


Pack Quantity:
381mm x 500m
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