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Cardboard Recycling Bins – Assembly Instructions

Our portable cardboard recycling bins are the responsible and cost-effective answer to organising rubbish. Made of strong recyclable cardboard, they include lids and a mixture of 50 pre-printed and blank labels for convenient labelling. These durable trash and recycling bins are an attractive, cost-effective solution for offices, schools, events etc. If desired, the bins can be customised with your logo etc.

Our bins are made up of two sections; the base, and the lid. Both sections will arrive flat packed, and ready for assembly.

Please see our step by step assembly instructions below.

How to assemble the Cardboard Recycling Bins Base

Step 1. Turn the base of the bin upside down so you are presented with the bottom of the box.

Step 2. Fold down the two identical flaps that resemble and ‘L’ shape.

Step 3. Fold down the more pointed flap, then the remaining flap with the rectangular cut out can be folded over this, the corners of which will lock the base into place.Your base is now fully assembled.

How to assemble the Cardboard Recycling Bins Lids

Step 4. Use the lock in tab on the top of the lid to secure the top is firmly secured.

Step 5. Then, turn the lid upside down, and place it on a flat surface in front of you, with the holes (openings) on your left and right.

Step 6. There are four smaller triangular flaps on the left and right sides. Bring these 2 sides right up so they are almost vertical, and fold the small triangular flaps inwards, so they are inside the lid.

Step 7. Next, take the side furthest away from you, and point the larger triangular shaped flaps away from you.

Step 8. Then, bring this panel forward, and wrap it, by folding at the crease, over the smaller triangles that you put in place earlier.

Step 9. Next, take the side closest to you, and point the larger triangular shaped flaps towards you.

Step 10. Push this panel down into the box, and wrap it again, by folding at the crease over the smaller triangles that you put into place earlier.

Step 11. You can now fold over the left and right sides, also using the crease to wrap them over the larger triangular shaped flaps, which will lock the lid into place and complete assembly of the lid.

Clear and black plastic sacks are available from us. Click here.
Replacement cardboard recycling bins can be bought from us either online or by phone. They can be customised with your logo or promotional message.

Any orders over £50 are delivered free.

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