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Royal Mail Small Parcels

The Royal Mail Small Parcel category is a useful and popular package size, great for economically posting a wide range of items. It is part of the Pricing in Proportion (PIP) mailing system. Bigger than Large Letter size (353x250x25mm), it has maximum dimensions of 450x350x160mm (length x width x depth) and a top weight of 2kg.

We offer a number of different kinds of PIP small parcel boxes, in various sizes, as well as postal tubes, padded envelopes, bubble envelopes and even polystyrene mug packaging and bottle boxes, so you are bound to find the right solution for your needs.

Send a Small Parcel with Royal Mail for just £2.90 (up to 2kg).

small parcel size postal carton
  • Save 26%
Single Wall Cardboard Box 102x102x102mm / Pack of 25
£4.75 £3.50 (£4.20 inc tax)
small parcel boxes for packing and posting
  • Save 34%
Single Wall Cardboard Box 215x180x102mm / Pack of 25
£7.25 £4.75 (£5.70 inc tax)
small parcel PiP box for postage
  • Save 32%
Single Wall Cardboard Box 230x230x130mm / Pack of 25
£9.50 £6.50 (£7.80 inc tax)
pricing in proportion packaging small parcel size
  • Save 27%
Single Wall Cardboard Box 254x155x133mm / Pack of 25
£7.75 £5.63 (£6.76 inc tax)
small parcel size cardboard postal boxes
  • Save 11%
Single Wall Cardboard Box 305x228x68mm / Pack of 25
£7.00 £6.25 (£7.50 inc tax)
  • Save 53%
White Postal Boxes 153x127x51mm / Pack of 25
£12.25 £5.75 (£6.90 inc tax)
  • Save 39%
White Postal Boxes 225x150x75mm / Pack of 25
£15.25 £9.25 (£11.10 inc tax)
  • Save 35%
White Postal Boxes 360x280x72mm / Pack of 25
£23.75 £15.50 (£18.60 inc tax)
  • Save 40%
White Postal Boxes with White Lining 228x110x45mm
£8.75 £5.25 (£6.30 inc tax)
  • Save 64%
Book Mailing Boxes (A5) 210x155x102mm / Pack of 25
£19.50 £7.00 (£8.40 inc tax)
  • Save 49%
Book Mailing Boxes (A4) 300x210x80mm / Pack of 25
£23.50 £12.00 (£14.40 inc tax)
polystyrene mug packaging
  • Save 13%
Mug Packaging 128x108x120mm Pack of 25
£14.00 £12.25 (£14.70 inc tax)
A2 cardboard postal tubes
  • Save 32%
Cardboard Postal Tubes A2 450x44.5x(1.5)mm | Pack of 25
£46.25 £31.25 (£37.50 inc tax)
A2 postal tubes with end caps
  • Save 32%
Cardboard Postal Tubes A2 450x63.5x(1.5)mm | Pack of 10
£44.00 £30.00 (£36.00 inc tax)

Our range of Small Parcel Boxes

You can save money and make life simpler by choosing from our strong, convenient postal packaging that falls within the Royal Mail Small Parcel class. Our range of small parcel cardboard boxes suits both business and personal use. All the boxes are flat-packed, easy to assemble and fully recyclable. Choose from:

  • Standard brown single wall corrugated cardboard boxes with a smooth Kraft exterior, sturdy and economical: 9 sizes
  • Instantly formed rigid brown self-seal corrugated cardboard boxes with high tack adhesive strip: 2 sizes
  • Self-locking flat white cardboard postal boxes, extra strong with tuck-in flaps and triple-thickness sides once assembled: 4 sizes including 1 with smart white lining
  • Foam-lined postal boxes with soft cushioning interior ideal for fragile goods: 3 sizes
  • Book mailing boxes specially designed to provide all-round protection: 2 sizes
  • Bottle packaging boxes with polystyrene to keep your bottle products safe whilst in transit
  • Postal tubes offering a secure packing solution for mailing or storing rolled items & documents
  • Mail Lite padded and bubble envelopes - designed for a wide range of postal and packaging needs

All of our postal products for Royal Mail Small Parcel use provide a reliable protective packaging solution – the cost-effective shipping solution for mailing items safely and attractively.



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