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Fillpak TT Manual Dispener

Our FillPak TT Manual dispenser is the cost-effective solution for high volume paper void fill needs. Easily operated by hand, the machine quickly transforms sheets of Kraft paper (sold separately) into star shaped packing material. Complete with table clamp. Paper sold separately.
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£105.00 ex VAT
(£126.00 inc VAT)
Pack Quantity: 1

Product Description

Our manual FillPak TT Manual dispenser quickly and easily converting 15-inch Kraft paper into void fill material. It is an ergonomic and cost-effective solution to eliminate unnecessary spaces in your packaging. Perfect for top and side void fill applications, the machine is light and compact and comes with a height-adjustable table clamp.

Light, compact and simple to operate, the Fillpak TT Manual is handy to use in the smallest of packing areas. Because there is no motor, the machine is very quiet. Packers simply pull and tear off the required length of paper void fill at the perforation.

It will make any packaging applications manageable, ensuring the protection of your packed items. The FillPak TT provides an ideal and economical instant paper void fill solution as it turns Kraft paper into an effective top and side parcel void fill. The packing paper, aside from being reusable and biodegradable, is also flexible as it easily adapts its shape to fit the gaps in your packages.

The hand-operated machine is used with our totally recyclable FillPak 50 paper which it converts into paper star configuration as a low cost and environmentally friendly paper voidfill. The FillPak TT Manual Dispenser is convenient to use, quickly converting the fan-fold paper at a speed of 60 inches per second, with operators simply pulling through their required length of void fill kraft paper and tearing it off at the perforation. The star-shaped material is designed to maximise the efficient use of paper, its flexibility allowing you to use smaller cartons as it easily adapts to the space to be filled.

Easily fitting on any work bench, the FillPak TT Manual is ideally suited to busy packing stations in restricted areas. You’ll find it improves output and reduces the costs of an efficient packaging process.


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