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MinipakR Machine for Pillow Packaging

This convenient bubble wrap machine inflates Mini Pak R film material to create instant pillow packaging of various sizes for wrapping, void fill and lining cartons.  

The Mini Pak R machine is portable, can be plugged in anywhere, and is very easy to use. The protective packaging pillows it makes are ideal for fragile packing or simply for quickly plugging gaps in packages and keeping their weight down. There are 5 bubble wrap styles to choose from.  To view our full range of films click here.

£925.00 ex VAT
(£1,110.00 inc VAT)
Pack Quantity: 1,

Product Description

The Mini Pak R bubble wrap machine is a real work-horse. It can inflate on demand up to 7.6 metres (25 feet) of reliable and effective pillow packaging per minute – without the need for an air compressor. It is quick and easy to start, and simple to run because it works with a plug-in and go system (no installation required), which uses ambient air from its own internal air source.  It is also highly convenient because this lightweight, portable air cushion machine can easily be carried to wherever there’s a standard plug socket.

This air cushioning system usefully saves space because it operates with rolls of air bag film (sold separately), so you don’t need to store bulky void filler materials such as corrugated paper or packing peanuts. Instead, you make your own bubble-wrap when you need it: the bubble wrap machine can make up to 5 different styles. You simply choose a roll of air cushion film according to your requirements and load it into the machine which automatically adjusts to the right air and temperature settings to inflate that particular roll of film.

The various shapes of pillow packaging produced by this versatile pack and wrap tool are excellent for most shipping needs, providing strong and durable protection. Choose from: Minipak R Film 130, Minipak R small quilt air cushions, Minipak R large quilt air cushions, Minipak R novus double cushioning and Minipak R supertube.

Pillow packaging is clean and presentable, reliable and lightweight, an innovative alternative to traditional forms of protective packaging.  Whether you have a busy mail room or dispatch just a few boxes a day, the user-friendly Mini Pak R machine will speed up the packing process making life easier for all operators, whilst costing less than other packaging options.

Certified to a high standard, the MiniPak’r air cushion machine’s tested and approved technology is 100% safe for all users.
We are pleased to offer a 12 months free warranty on all MiniPak’r purchases.  Extended warranty is also available after this period, with an All-in Repair Program for your peace of mind.

We are dedicated to ensuring our customers have any help and support needed whilst using our MiniPak’r bubble wrap machine therefore, we have a dedicated team of technicians on hand to help at any time.  Easy wear parts are also readily available if/when needed.

* Accessories and film rolls sold seperately.



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