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Moving Kits / Packs with Cardboard Moving Boxes and Packing Accessories

Our moving boxes and kits, which include cardboard cartons and accessories, are designed to meet your flat, house or office move packing requirements. You can choose from our Student or Starter Removal Packs for those having a 1 bed move to our Super Size Moving Pack containing a range of cardboard cartons, wardrobe boxes and packaging accessories designed for a large family move. We also have office kits for those having to face the challenge of packing up and moving their business or office.

Each moving kit is supplied with necessary packing accessories such as bubble wrap, markers, adhesive tape, and more for the larger kits. Our moving boxes are double walled for maximum protection of your possessions. Our cardboard boxes are delivered flat packed, clean, fresh, and quick to assemble.

For additional packing accessories such as extra bubblewrap, wardrobe boxes, straw paper, paper blankets etc click here

cardboard boxes pack with 35 boxes in three sizes Save 10%
£52.00 £47.00 ex VAT £56.40 inc VAT
£330.00 ex VAT £396.00 inc VAT
£72.00 ex VAT £86.40 inc VAT
double wall boxes for shipping Save 1%
£16.00 £15.80 ex VAT £18.96 inc VAT
double wall box for packing & storage Save 5%
£22.00 £20.80 ex VAT £24.96 inc VAT
cardboard packing box for moving Save 2%
£24.00 £23.60 ex VAT £28.32 inc VAT
strong cardboard packing box for removals Save 12%
£36.00 £31.60 ex VAT £37.92 inc VAT
cardboard boxes for moving & storage Save 10%
£44.00 £39.60 ex VAT £47.52 inc VAT
strong double wall cardboard boxes & packing cartons Save 22%
£56.00 £43.60 ex VAT £52.32 inc VAT
large double wall carton & removal box Save 6%
£55.50 £52.20 ex VAT £62.64 inc VAT
archive boxes & document storage boxes with lids Save 7%
£20.50 £19.00 ex VAT £22.80 inc VAT
£6.00 ex VAT £7.20 inc VAT
Please note that we give the internal dimensions of our cardboard boxes so you can be sure your items will fit in the box.

We know that every move is different, so whilst our moving kits are designed to meet the average requirements, you can always buy extra cardboard boxes, storage and archive boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap or our other packaging accessories you may require, such as tissue paper, corrugated paper etc.

We also have a range of different printed adhesive tape printed in red on white tape, which is great for ensuring the removal men handle your boxes with care.



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