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Loosefill-Bio – Eco Loose Fill Chips

Loosefill-Bio is an eco-loose fill pourable biodegradable void fill and packaging material made entirely of starch. It is compostable according to NF T51-800. The highly eco-friendly organic packing peanuts have an S-shape design that interlocks to create all-round protective cushioning for packaged items.

Odourless and virtually dust-free, Loosefill-Bio is water-soluble and non-toxic. With its auto-fill feature, it ensures that all voids in a package are filled, keeping products safe even under heavy pressure. This eco loose fill can be integrated into a packing process quickly and easily for safe product transport, without the need for any specialised training.

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Product Description

Choose eco loose fill Loosefill-Bio for certified compostable packaging that protects your goods during transit with its interlocking design. It's an odourless, virtually dust-free packaging solution and auto-fills boxes and cartons to ensure maximum protection. No specialised training required – integrate it easily into your packing process.

Top 5 Questions People Ask about Loosefill-Bio: The Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

  1. What is Loosefill-Bio?
  2. How is Loosefill-Bio environmentally friendly?
  3. Why is Loosefill-Bio effective void fill and packing material?
  4. Is Loosefill-Bio easy to use?
  5. Who can benefit from using Loosefill-Bio?

What is Loosefill-Bio?

Loosefill-Bio is a pourable, biodegradable void fill and anti-static padding material, comprising loose fill chips used for packing fragile and light-to-medium weight items during shipping. It is a natural packaging solution made entirely from starches. The organic packing peanuts have been designed in an S-shape to interlock and create a cushion for blocking, bracing and stabilising your products.

How is Loosefill-Bio void fill environmentally friendly?

Loosefill-Bio is an exceptionally eco-friendly biodegradable packing material. It is an organic home and garden solution certified in accordance with NF T51-800. Unlike other packing materials that are harmful to the environment, Loosefill-Bio is made from renewable starch and air, and breaks down completely, leaving no waste behind. It is non-toxic, water-soluble and an excellent option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why are Loosefill-Bio loose fill chips an effective sustainable material?

One of the major benefits of Loosefill-Bio is that it automatically fills all voids in a package as it is poured into the carton. As a result, it offers superior shock absorption, stabilising products as it forms a block-and-brace padding that keeps them safe even when exposed to heavy strain. The cushioning effect provided by the organic packing peanuts ensures that products remain intact throughout the shipping process and do not knock against each other. Loosefill-Bio is also anti-static, wear-resistant and odourless packaging and attracts next to no dust, making it a clean and efficient packing solution.

Is Loosefill-Bio compostable packaging easy to use?

Using Loosefill-Bio as a biodegradable packing material is extremely easy. It can be quickly and easily integrated into any packing process. Due to the pourable nature of the product, it does not require any special training or skill to use. Simple yet effective, it allows you to pack boxes quickly, ensuring that you can process orders efficiently. It can be reused or recycled with your biodegradable waste.

Who can benefit from using Loosefill-Bio biodegradable void fill?

Any business that ships fragile or light-to-medium weight items can benefit from using Loosefill-Bio as a sustainable shipping packing material. Whether you are a small e-commerce business or a large retailer, Loosefill-Bio can help protect your products while reducing your environmental impact.

In conclusion, Loosefill-Bio is an eco-friendly, efficient and effective void fill and packing solution. It is easy to use and perfect for those looking for plastic-free packaging material alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint. This eco loose fill all-round protective cushioning keeps your products safe and secure during shipping, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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