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Black 25 Micron Stretch Film 500mm x 200m / Pack of 6

This black stretch wrap is a strong 25 micron packaging film that works well even in freezing temperatures. It can be applied manually or with a dispenser. The stretch film secures and protects goods from dirt and moisture while shielding them from view. Supplied on a roll 500mm x 200m.
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£59.40 ex VAT
£71.28 inc VAT
Pack Quantity: 6,
500mm x 200m (25 micron)

Product Description

Ideal for handling palletised loads that require extra security, our strong black stretch wrap is made from a thicker packaging film to provide a stronger and more stable hold of your goods. It is suitable in cold storage and gives an equally high performance with packages of irregular or odd shape.

Coming in BLACK, the stretch film allows you to conceal your items from view. It protects products from moisture, dirt and dust and is not easily torn or punctured. The reliable pallet wrapping can be applied either manually or with a stretch wrap dispenser.

Ideal when you wish to conceal your palletised goods from view, our BLACK stretch film provides a stronger and more secure polythene packaging solution. It is made from packing film that is thicker, thus increasing its durability and strength while stabilising and fastening goods that are palletised – including those with irregular shapes!
The high performance stretch wrap provides top quality and secure protection. Apply the pallet film with maximum possible stretch, a quick and easy application whether manually or with a dispenser.
Puncture and tear resistant, our strong BLACK pallet wrapper will improve the efficiency of handling and storing your palletised cartons and will also protect your items from dirt and moisture during shipping or storage.
Our BLACK stretch film is supplied in 500mm x 200m size with a 25 micron thickness. It comes in packs of 6 rolls.


Pack Quantity:
500mm x 200m (25 micron)



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