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400mm Cast Stretch Film 23Micron / Pack of 6

Our 23 micron thick cast stretch film offers increased protection and security for palletising boxes and stabilising them in shipping or storage. It is a useful all-purpose pallet wrapper, ideal for light, medium and heavyweight loads.  

It is not easily punctured or ripped, so is excellent for wrapping goods which are heavier or of irregular shapes. This packing film is silent to apply and can be used with a handheld dispenser. The super-clear and glossy polythene material allows easy checking of loads. Supplied in packs of 6, the cast stretch film comes on a 250m roll and is 400mm wide.
£42.00 ex VAT
£50.40 inc VAT
Pack Quantity: 6,
400mm x 250m

Product Description

This clear cast stretch film gives you extra strength and protection thanks to its 23 micron thickness.  It is supplied in packs of 6 rolls, each 250m long, and is 400mm wide. Easy and silent to apply manually or with a dispenser, it is soft and stretchable so you can make a really tight and taut wrapping round your goods. Its elasticity will maintain the tension, enabling you to transport unitised packages safely and efficiently without boxes slipping or becoming damaged.

The plastic wrap is puncture and tear resistant; when you want to open the load you simply slit it with a knife.  You can rely on it to protect your products from dirt, dust and moisture when in transit or storage, while also keeping boxes and cartons stable and secure. The clarity of the wrapper allows quick checking of the contents as required.
Clinging firmly to itself when wrapped around the load, our heavy duty cast stretch film unwinds silently – a bonus in busy packing stations or warehouses.


Pack Quantity:
400mm x 250m



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