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Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Our double wall boxes are made from superior twin-fluted corrugated cardboard and supplied to you flat and bundled in packs of 15 or 20 depending on size. Easy to store and assemble, they are the perfect solution for packing and shipping both fragile and heavy items, thanks to the heavy duty double wall material which provides strength and resistance to crushing.

You’ll find the ideal box for your needs from our large range as the double wall boxes come in 25 different sizes and shapes. This packaging is also highly adaptable as you can customise it with our box sizer.

For larger quantity prices, please contact the sales office.

cardboard boxes pack with 35 boxes in three sizes Save 20%
£52.00 £41.60 (£49.92 inc tax)
double wall cardboard packing boxes Save 11%
£13.00 £11.60 (£13.92 inc tax)
double wall packing carton for shipping Save 9%
£14.00 £12.80 (£15.36 inc tax)
double wall boxes for shipping Save 10%
£16.00 £14.40 (£17.28 inc tax)
double wall box for packing & storage Save 1%
£20.00 £19.80 (£23.76 inc tax)
cardboard box for storage & removals Save 23%
£23.00 £17.80 (£21.36 inc tax)
double wall cardboard boxes for storage Save 12%
£25.00 £22.00 (£26.40 inc tax)
cardboard packaging boxes for storage & removals Save 27%
£22.00 £16.00 (£19.20 inc tax)
double wall cardboard cartons for packing Save 5%
£22.00 £20.80 (£24.96 inc tax)
cardboard packing box for moving Save 3%
£23.00 £22.40 (£26.88 inc tax)
strong double walled cartons for removals & storage Save 28%
£29.25 £21.00 (£25.20 inc tax)

The extra strength and durability of our rigid double wall cartons means they have many uses, whether as storage boxes, shipping boxes or removal boxes. Made from top grade double wall corrugated board with a kraft paper finish, they are easy to seal using our adhesive packing tape. If you need additional security or if you have heavier items use our hot glue guns, which provide a clean strong, invisible, tamperproof seal.

For additional wrapping and protection choose from our tissue paper, lightweight bubble wrap, air cushion or expanding foam packaging. For fragile items, don’t forget to stick special warning tapes on the outside.

Our double wall cardboard boxes / cartons are environmentally friendly, being made from 75% recycled material and 100% biodegradable. Their strength means they’ll stand up to a lot of handling, allowing you to make use of them many times. The shown sizes for our cardboard boxes are the internal dimensions of the cardboard box once it is constructed, in the order length x width x depth.



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