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Double Wall Cardboard Box 535x155x155mm / Pack of 20

These shallow double wall cardboard boxes are oblong in size, 535x155mm, height 155mm (21x6x6ins). Ideal for posting or shipping either heavy or fragile items, they are made of crush-resistant twin-fluted corrugated board with lid flaps. Clean and fresh with a smart Kraft finish, the cartons are supplied in flatpacked bundles of 20, easy to assemble and seal with tape or glue. Not the size you're looking for?
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Pack Quantity: 20,
535 x 155 x 155mm / 21 x 6 x 6" (L x W x H)
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Product Description

This shallow double walled corrugated carton is ideal for shipping narrower items that are perhaps fragile or heavy, thanks to the strong robust construction of these packing boxes.

Made from top quality heavy duty board, you can rely on our double walled boxes to protect your items whilst in storage or through transit.

The smooth Kraft paper finish not only makes this shipping carton highly presentable, making it the perfect choice for mail order or export, but it also allows packing tapes and labels to grip firmly to the surface.  This creates a strong a secure seal, ensuring your items are kept safely in place.

Convenient to store and easy to assemble, our cardboard boxes / carton are supplied in flat-packed bundles of 20, with pre-creased folds for quick and easy assembly.

Our double wall box sizes are in the order of Length x Width x Height.


Pack Quantity:
535 x 155 x 155mm / 21 x 6 x 6" (L x W x H)



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