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Foam Corner Protectors 25-35mm x 100mm (U-Profile) 450/pk

These ingeniously designed foam corner protectors take the hassle out of preparing sharp-edged or vulnerable furniture, worktops, mirrors and frames artwork for shipping or storage. They are quick and easy to apply, and are an extremely versatile protective packaging solution.  Non-scratch and soft but firm, they can be used on sensitive or coated surfaces, antiques and even on the corners of boxes such as safes.

Measuring 100mm along each side, their foam profile is a tulip shaped 25-35mm with lips that grip tightly even on slippery objects. Our foam corner protectors are available in cost-effective boxes of 450.  Not what you're looking for?
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£172.00 ex VAT
(£206.40 inc VAT)
Pack Quantity: 450,
25-35mm x 100mm

Product Description

Reusable, recyclable and easy to handle, our foam corner protectors are made from hygienic, odour-free and chemically neutral material with a durable closed cell structure. Foam packing corners are an essential packaging accessory for cushioning hard or delicate edges from chips and knocks.

For complete edge protection they can be used together with our U or L shaped edge protectors. Just slot them on to the item you wish to protect and push home, and they are held in place by their self-clinging design.

Stretch film can be applied on top as required, ready for the safe transport or storage of your goods. Our foam corner protectors are supplied in economical packs of 450. They measure 100mm along the side with a profile of 25-35mm.

foam corner protectors protective packaging


Dimensions (mm)
  A B C D E F Per Pack
BLUEFOAM AB U35 CORNER 25mm 35mm 43 11 100 100 450


Pack Quantity:
25-35mm x 100mm
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