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Foam Edge Protectors

Use versatile foam edge protectors and corner protectors to safeguard the vulnerable parts of furniture, mirrors and other delicate items during transport and storage. This protective foam packaging is strong but flexible, conforming to the product’s shape and instantly delivering reliable non-abrasive cushioning. Light, clean and odour-free, our foam protectors are a time-saving, cost-effective alternative to bubble wrap or paper wadding.

We offer 2 kinds of foam edge protectors to suit your needs: the self-gripping tulip U profile (both for straight edges and corners) and the L profile which can be taped into place or covered with stretch film. Both profiles can be easily cut to length.

Our foam edge protectors are the modern and efficient packaging solution for guarding against chips, knocks, crushing, dropping and other damage, notably during shipping or storage. Made from durable environmentally-friendly material with a closed-cell structure, our foam edge protection combines easy application, being soft and flexible, with strength and rigidity. It is light, hygienic, non-scratch and 100% recyclable. The foam protectors are so resilient and adaptable that they can be shaped to fit snugly around your goods and then used again later.

Typical uses for our foam edge protectors

•    edge protectors for furniture and antiques
•    picture frame protectors
•    glass and mirrors
•    metal sheeting
•    doors, panels and worktops
•    electrical white goods
•    corner protectors for shipping
•    foam corners for baby-proofing
•    block and brace void fill in boxes (L profile)

Odourless and pleasant to handle, foam edge protectors have become a valued packaging accessory, economical, versatile and the superior choice to padding with paper padding or bubble film. 

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