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Protective Packaging for Laptops

You can pack and post - or store - 15” laptops with confidence thanks to this superb fragile packing system. Our protective packaging for laptops comprises an inflatable air column bag, specially shaped to fit the computer and cushion it all-round with multi air chambers that provide maximum shock absorbency.

Unlike many traditional wrapping materials, this innovative recyclable inflatable postal packaging also protects from moisture, dust and humidity. It’s easy to store too, as the bags are supplied flat-packed, each measuring 48cm x 48cm before inflation. Available in packs of 50, our laptop packaging bags are instantly inflated as required, via their small green nozzle, with a small compressor (available separately) or air line.
£75.00 ex VAT
£90.00 inc VAT
Pack Quantity: 50,
480 x 480mm

Product Description

Now posting or storing laptops safely is no longer a problem if you use our protective packaging for laptops. Just inflate one of these on-demand cushion packaging bags, insert the computer ready for labelling and dispatch or storage. Made from tough top-quality co-extruded plastic, this inflatable postal packaging material is ideal for fragile electronic products like laptops, protecting them from dust, moisture and humidity as well as bumps and knocks.

The air column bags are specially designed with 2cm multi-chambers to conform to the shape of a 15 inch laptop and cushion it all-round. Advanced valve technology in the packing bag provides constant protection and shock-absorbency even in the unlikely event that an air chamber becomes punctured in transit.

Our protective packaging for laptops gives your products a professional presentation combined with maximum protection and is clean and pleasant to work with. Inflating the bags when you need them is really easy: you just use a simple compressor (can be supplied separately) or an air line via the small green nozzle in each bag, and inflation is instant.

You will find that this inflatable postal packaging is both cost-effective and highly efficient. It avoids the need for using extra void fill packing materials and saves on storage space since it is completely flat before air-filling, each bag measuring 48cm x 48cm. Our protective packaging for laptops is supplied in packs of 50. In line with our company policy to offer environmentally-responsible postal supplies, it is a totally recyclable wrapping material.


Pack Quantity:
480 x 480mm



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