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Inflatable Bottle Packaging for Three Bottles

No more worries about breakages when dispatching three bottles of wine, champagne and spirits together. Our inflatable bottle packaging with outer cardboard bottle box is the reliable solution, providing maximum protection during transit. Supplied in convenient flat-packed packs of 24, the air cushion packaging bag has three separate pockets for each bottle and is inflated with a small compressor (available separately) or air line. You just insert the bottles, pump up the cushioning and place the bag in the carton for posting.

This inflatable bottle packaging system is very easy to store as it is all flat-packed.

£69.60 ex VAT
(£83.52 inc VAT)
Pack Quantity: 24

Product Description

Our inflatable bottle packaging comes complete with its own corrugated cardboard bottle box which is easy to label and reinforces the protective packaging. The air column packing bag is moisture and humidity resistant and made of strong co-extruded plastic, offering superb shock absorbency. Top-class valve technology means that the bottles stay protected even should one of the air chambers become punctured.

Supplied in packs of 24, this is a clean and user-friendly wrapping and packing solution, perfect when you have a large number of three-bottle parcels to dispatch. It is completely recyclable and saves on storage space since the boxes are flat-packed and the deflated cushion packaging bags are sized 72cm x 41.5cm. For instant protective packaging, just slot the wine or spirit bottles into the bag’s separate pockets and pump up with a small compressor (available separately) or air line, using the small green nozzle on the bag. The air cushioning snugly fits around each of the three bottles, protecting them from bumps and preventing them from knocking against each other in transit.

Bottle packaging with air cushioning is also available for individual and for two bottles, and we supply marker pens and fragile labels.

Our inflatable bottle packaging provides a professional, attractive fragile packaging solution while delivering the dependable protection required when transporting bottles of champagne, wine or spirits.


Pack Quantity:
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