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Mini Pak-R Storage Bin on Wheels / Rolling Bin

Due to high demand, we are currently out of stock of this item. Any orders placed will be dispatched as soon as our stock is replenished.

Our convenient Mini Pak’R storage bin on wheels is an essential accessory for manufacturing, industry, distribution, e-commerce and mailrooms or all sizes when used with the Mini Pak’R air pillow machine.

It improves efficiency by making it easier to handle the air cushioning bags by being able to easily move them to the work / packing stations of choice.

The MiniPakR storage bin is a cost-effective addition to the innovative and space-saving system, which creates rolls of film to create instant “bubble wrap” type inflatable protective packaging and void fill of five different sizes / configurations.

£380.00 ex VAT
(£456.00 inc VAT)




Product Description

Lightweight and easy to move around (thanks to their smooth rubber wheels), our Mini Pak’R storage bin contributes to improving ergonomics in the workroom and / or a Lean Environment. This low-cost mobile trolley with flexible sides is quickly assembled. It is a simple but perfect container for holding bulky batches of packing air bags and is also the ideal means to carry the prepared air cushioning dunnage bags to where they are needed.

It is an effective supplement to the plug-in Mini Pak’R air cushion packaging machine –    the process that produces professional standard air cushions on demand. This straightforward plug-in appliance is suitable whether you are packing just a few or many boxes a day.

Use our Mini Pak’r storage bin on wheels as an affordable labour-saving way to handle the air pillow packaging.

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