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MiniPak’R Replacement Belt Kit

Our convenient Mini Pak’R replacement belt kit will ensure that your air packaging machine continues to operate correctly. It includes 4 Teflon seal belts, giving you an extra spare set of 2. The Mini Pak’R requires little maintenance but after prolonged use the upper and lower belts will show signs of wear. Always replace both belts at the same time.

The Mini Pak’R replacement belt kit comes complete with a handy 3mm hex wrench tool, 2 strips of adhesive Teflon tape and full instructions.
£89.00 ex VAT
(£106.80 inc VAT)

Product Description

The Mini Pak’R replacement belt kit consists of 4 Teflon belts, 2 Teflon adhesive tape strips and a 3mm hex wrench plus instructions. Signs that you need to use the spares include frequent jamming of the air cushioning film through the drive rollers and poor sealing of the air bags even after adjusting the temperature.

The Mini Pak’R air cushion machine is a user-friendly portable appliance that inflates rolls of film to produce instant pillow packing and bubble wrap of various shapes and sizes, depending on the configuration of film used – we offer a choice of 5. It is easy to maintain; clean the seal belts and rollers weekly with warm water and mild detergent.

Mini Pak’R replacement belts should be used 2 at a time: replacing both upper and lower belts.

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