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AirPack Systems Compressor

Our AirPack compressor quickly and easily inflates our AirPack systems inflatable packaging.  Supplied with a free foot pedal, hose and nozzle attachment, the air pack machine has a 3.5 litre tank and is very quiet to run. Recommended inflation pressure is 15–20 PSI; the compressor comes with the pressure gauge already pre-set.

It takes just a few seconds to pump up each air column bag. The air flows through one-way valves into individual air chambers which remain inflated even should a chamber be punctured in transit.  AirPack inflatable pillow packaging bags provide all-round postal protection.

* There is currently a lead time of 5 - 7 working days on this item.

£230.00 ex VAT
(£276.00 inc VAT)
Pack Quantity: 1,

Product Description

Fragile packing has never been easier or more effective than with our AirPack systems inflatable packaging products, made especially for the safe postage or storage of bottles, mobile phones and laptops. This small AirPack compressor with a 3.5 litre tank is just the job to inflate the flat-packed protective air packaging bags designed to fit each item. It is very quiet to run and comes complete with foot pedal, hose and nozzle attachment, with the pressure gauge pre-set to the recommended 15-20 PSI.

Each pillow packaging bag has a little green nozzle (except small phone bags, which have an inflation hole) to make inflation even quicker – it takes just 1-3 seconds to produce instant all-round air cushioning. These are air column bags with advanced multi-chamber design; when inflated, the air flows through one-way valves into the individual 2cm air chambers, which allows only one chamber to deflate if punctured.

This ingenious design also enables the bag to mould snugly around the product to provide maximum protection and shock absorbency. AirPack systems bags are extremely reliable; they hold air for at least 2 years so are ideal for product storage purposes. They are moisture and humidity resistant and can be safely taken on an aeroplane.

The inflatable packing bags are supplied flat-packed and therefore easy to store, in fact they need up to 10 times less storage space then traditional cushioning and void filler materials like polystyrene. They are pleasant to use and mess-free, improving your post and packing process and provide a professional, attractive presentation to your goods.

Made from the highest quality co-extruded plastic, AirPack systems inflatable packaging contains no toxins and is fully recyclable or can be reused by you or the customer. It is the ideal wrapping for fragile products – just inflate the bag, pack in a cardboard box, seal, label and dispatch.


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