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Semi Auto Strapping / Banding Machine

Our semi-auto strapping machine is one of the best ways to save time and money when shipping multiple packages of the same size. With fast strapping speed, it can easily make up to 20-30 straps every minute, strapping together bundles for mailing so it reduces your postage costs as well.

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Product Description

Efficient and dependable, our semi-automatic banding machine also creates strap handles for your boxes so you won’t have the bother of buying additional handles or making them with tape or glue. It is user-friendly, with a convenient operator’s panel, and is perfect for 9-12mm straps, ensuring uniform strap placement.

Fast and reliable, our semi-automatic banding machine is designed to provide the user with a quick and efficient way of strapping single or multiple items. It is durable and affordable, and suitable for strapping 9-12mm width straps, with a strapping speed that can produce a maximum of 20-30 straps per minute, so saving you valuable time.

A strapping machine reduces shipping costs into the bargain because you make one bundle from several items. It is the ideal solution to ship securely bundles of warehouse packages. Producing strong straps, our semi-auto strapping machine is one of the best ways to transport multiple same-sized boxes.

Designed especially for your convenience, our strapping / banding machine has externally controlled tension and a user-friendly operator’s panel. Employing top grade technology, it features an integrated circuit control board that controls the electronics. You can forget about buying additional handles for your parcels or making them from tapes or glue, as the straps made by our semi-automatic strapping machine create box handles


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