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Clear General Purpose Hot Melt Glue Stick 12mm - 5kg per pack

These 12mm hot melt glue sticks produce a high tack transparent adhesive with a neat finish that's easy to achieve with a hot glue gun. A general purpose clear glue, its uses include crafts and floral art. It bonds ceramics, plastics, wood and lightweight metals.
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GLUE 97/12

Product Description

Our clear hot melt glue sticks are a really cost-effective way to provide top quality sticking power with an excellent finish. Applied with hot melt glue guns they can be used for many different applications as they are especially made for general purpose adhesive uses.

Hot melt glue provides strong yet clean and mess-free bonds. The 12mm clear hot melt glue gun sticks are excellent for light industry, do-it-yourself and for all crafts including paper, cardboard and ceramics as well as floral design.

A cost-effective adhesive solution, the clear hot melt glue system is easy and quick to use.

Flexible and simple to use, our clear general purpose hot melt glue sticks are also the economical solution for a wide range of adhesive needs. Aside from DIY and craft applications in the home and at school, these 12mm clear hot melt glue gun sticks are ideal for use in offices and industries. They are excellent for packaging uses as they seal cartons and/or boxes quickly and strongly.

Applied with our 12mm hot melt glue guns, this adhesive is simple and safe to use. Cooling in just a few seconds, the clear hot melt glue rapidly hardens to bonding strength so saves you a lot of time – plus you don’t need to use clamps. And because it produces clear adhesive, almost unnoticeable, you are assured of a more presentable finish with very minimal waste.

With each pack containing 5 kilograms of clear hot melt glue sticks, you’ll be ready for whenever you need a general purpose top quality adhesive.





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