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Aircap Bubble Wrap - 1 Roll/Pk 1200mm x 100m

This wide Aircap bubble wrap packing roll provides lightweight but strong moisture-resistant cushioning that can be used as void fill or for interleaving. The bubble wrap roll offers a cost-effective versatile solution for all-purpose protective packaging.

It is 1,200mm wide and 100m in length, the Aircap bubble wrap has small bubbles, making it flexible and easy to use. It is clean, smooth and reusable. 
Now manufactured using 30% recycled material.
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£66.00 ex VAT
(£79.20 inc VAT)
Pack Quantity: 1,
1200mm x 100m (1 roll per pack)

Product Description

Our flexible Aircap small bubble wrap is a highly versatile and cost-effective packing material. Supplied on a 100m roll, it is a generous 1200mm wide so will save you time and money as while you have enough for conveniently wrapping larger items you only use what you need rather than wasting lots of separate sheets.

The small bubbles are easy to mould around the object you are packing, offering excellent protection. In addition, Aircap’s top quality barrier coating provides superior strength and long-lasting air retention, plus resistance to moisture and tearing.

Lightweight and strong, this bubblewrap is perfect for general purpose packing and cushioning, whether for posting or storage, and being non-abrasive it’s also ideal for interleaving when packing china in moving or shipping boxes. You can easily scrunch it up too for plugging gaps in your packages. Reusable and totally recyclable, our Aircap bubble wrap is clean and pleasant to handle.


Pack Quantity:
1200mm x 100m (1 roll per pack)
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