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Eco Void Fill

Our eco void fill and protective packaging solutions offer you a wide range of reliable natural cushioning alternatives to using bubble wrap and other plastic products. Perfect for posting or storing items or when packing moving boxes, we have a choice of biodegradable void fill for all needs – and it’s made from sustainable / recycled material too.

Fillpak TT Manual Dispener
£105.00 ex VAT (£126.00 inc VAT)
£16.50 ex VAT (£19.80 inc VAT)
£24.50 ex VAT (£29.40 inc VAT)
£30.50 ex VAT (£36.60 inc VAT)
£33.00 ex VAT (£39.60 inc VAT)
£41.00 ex VAT (£49.20 inc VAT)
£49.00 ex VAT (£58.80 inc VAT)
£79.00 ex VAT (£94.80 inc VAT)
£98.00 ex VAT (£117.60 inc VAT)
FillPak Paper / Pack of 1
£49.80 £44.90 ex VAT (£53.88 inc VAT)
£45.00 ex VAT (£54.00 inc VAT)
£56.00 ex VAT (£67.20 inc VAT)
£62.00 ex VAT (£74.40 inc VAT)
£33.00 ex VAT (£39.60 inc VAT)
£43.00 ex VAT (£51.60 inc VAT)
£49.50 ex VAT (£59.40 inc VAT)


£24.00 ex VAT (£28.80 inc VAT)
£21.50 ex VAT (£25.80 inc VAT)
£21.50 ex VAT (£25.80 inc VAT)
Geami Paper Wrapping Machine
£40.50 ex VAT (£48.60 inc VAT)
Geami Eco Packaging Dispenser
£60.00 ex VAT (£72.00 inc VAT)
Geami Brown Paper Roll
£63.80 ex VAT (£76.56 inc VAT)
Geami White Paper Roll
£76.90 ex VAT (£92.28 inc VAT)
Geami White Tissue Paper
£31.60 ex VAT (£37.92 inc VAT)
Geami Black Tissue Paper
£109.00 ex VAT (£130.80 inc VAT)
£19.25 ex VAT (£23.10 inc VAT)
Glassine Paper
£162.00 ex VAT (£194.40 inc VAT)
£54.00 £28.00 ex VAT (£33.60 inc VAT)
£25.50 ex VAT

Paper Void Fill

These versatile recyclable paper void fill products range from Kraft papers and Geami paper bubble wrap and FillPak paper packaging systems to economical straw paper, newsprint offcuts and acid-free tissue. Our eco void fill also includes Bio-8 biodegradable loosefill. 

Our eco void fill products provide cushioning solutions for many different needs. 

The Fill Pak Paper Void Fill System

Two biodegradable options are available for the eco-friendly Fill Pak paper packaging void fill. It is highly effective and durable.

The Fillpak Greenline, which weighs 70gsm, is sustainable and entirely composed of 100% recycled paper (380mm x 360m). On the other hand, the original paper weighs 50gsm, and it is manufactured from biodegradable and recyclable materials (381mm x 500m).

Both types are easy to store and reusable, the Kraft paper sheets are suitable for general wrapping as well as for creating biodegradable void fill, thus providing an all-round cost-effective and sustainable packaging solution.

By scrunching the papers by hand or with the FillPak TT machine, they can be moulded to fit the gaps in your packages and provide a safeguard for your items during transit or storage. The paper fill is an excellent shock absorber, simple to store, reusable, and biodegradable. It takes only a few minutes to convert into a void fill using the compact, hand-operated machine.

The Geami Wrappak Eco Friendly Packaging System

This creates an on-demand “paper bubble wrap” from rolls of die-cut brown or white Kraft paper. The paper is pulled through a dispenser which converts it into an expanded 3-D honeycombed web of angled cells, interleaved with smooth black or white tissue.

The result is an extremely strong and shock-absorbent cushioning solution that is both time and space-saving whilst being an environmentally friendly packaging alternative to plastic. Use it as an attractive, organic easy-to-use recyclable void fill, as well as for wrapping, to plug gaps in shipping boxes and stop items from shifting around.

Geami is available as either a disposable all-in-one compact dispenser complete with brown paper and white tissue, or a more robust dispenser for higher volume use  which is refillable with a choice of brown or white paper and black or white tissue.


Other Eco-friendly Paper Wrapping and Cushioning

Economical and versatile, globular straw paper or white newsprint can be scrunched up as an effective biodegradable void fill, in addition to their use as wrapping.

Embossed soft straw paper, recyclable and partly made from recycled materials, is especially good for fragile goods and comes on a tear-off 650mm x 75m roll. Clean fresh newsprint offcuts, made from 100% recycled material, are supplied in packs of 500 sheets sized 500mm x 750mm.

A more rigid solution is offered by pure and imitation brown Kraft paper, the latter made from 100% recycled fibres. These provide an effective recyclable void fill when scrunched up and pushed into the corners of boxes to block and brace the contents. Both are available on 240m rolls of 600m, 750mm and 900m width.

Corrugated paper is another eco-friendly void fill packaging solution, very tough but light and scrunchable and available in 8 widths on a 75m roll. It is made from 100% recycled paper and, like all the paper void fills, can be recycled or used again.

Our acid free tissue paper is suitable as void filler as well as for general wrapping applications. Made with a regulated neutral PH value, it is perfect for wrapping and cushioning delicate and fragile goods like jewellery, silverware and china, and ideal for storage purposes. It comes in packs of 500 sheets sized 450 x 700mm or 500 x 750mm.


Bio-8 Biodegradable LooseFill

LOOSEFILL-BIO is an eco-friendly packaging solution that is made entirely from starch material and certified in accordance with NF T51-800 for home and garden composting. The packaging peanuts are S-shaped and interlock to form a stable cushion, preventing damage to items during shipping.

They do not produce any odour or dust. LOOSEFILL-BIO automatically fills in any void in the package, protecting the contents from heavy handling. The organic peanuts are easy to integrate into any packing process without requiring special training. The product is versatile and cost-effective, providing businesses with a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional foam packing materials. Its compostable nature also reduces waste and has become a preferred choice among environmentally conscious customers – click here to read of the many other benefits.

In Conclusion for our Eco Void Fill

Opt for our eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap and other plastic packaging products. We provide a diverse range of dependable, natural cushioning solutions suitable for packaging and storing various items.

Whether you're moving or shipping items, our biodegradable void fill options cater to every requirement. Moreover, our products are made using sustainable and recycled materials for eco void fill and cushioning, ensuring eco-friendliness.

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