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Carton Sizer Tool for Sizing Cardboard Boxes

Our handy carton sizer tool enables you to reduce the height of a cardboard box as required, by scoring the carton easily and safely. The box reducer saves you money as you don’t need to pack a box of excess size and pad it out with extra void fill. By creating the perfect fit for your item, you’ll reduce the likelihood of damage in transit. This carton sizer tool makes it easy to custom-cut your packing boxes to the required depth as it includes a ruler for precise measuring. It is the ideal tool for the shipping department.


£69.00 ex VAT (£82.80 inc VAT)


No of Packs 1+
Price / Pack ex VAT  £69.00
Pack Quantity: 1
Our handy carton sizer is a useful and cost-effective packaging tool that enables you to reduce the depth of cardboard boxes easily and conveniently to fit...

This convenient box reducer is perfect for any work areas involved in the packing and shipping process. The carton sizercan be used on a wide range of cardboard boxes, including our double-wall corrugated boxes and single-wall boxes. It is a money-saving device as it means you don’t have to stock many different sizes of carton and also allows you to re-use shipping boxes. The box sizer with integral ruler is especially designed to score your cartons or boxes to the required depth, creating box sizes that are the perfect fit to ship your products securely and safely.

Using boxes of excess size for packaging is never a wise idea when transporting items, whether they are fragile or not. That is why our carton sizer tool is such an ideal and handy solution, eliminating the need to use oversized boxes to ship your products. The carton sizer is a cost-effective tool which also saves you money on voidfill materials as you won’t need to use extra cushioning material to pad out all that empty space.

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