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Upak Brown Wrapping Paper and Void Fill

Tight on space but need packaging materials? Want to use environmentally-friendly wrapping paper? Look at this great innovative brown wrapping paper and paper void fill dispensed from one neat box.

Upak paper packaging is a fresh and economical solution to a wide range of storage, shipping and packing needs. The recycled wrapping paper is a clean, simple, green alternative to bubble wrap as it also serves as void fill for gaps in your packages.

Perfect for low-volume or first time users, the compact 2-sided boxes are pre-packed with 100m of fan-folded brown parcel paper which can pack up to 20 boxes!

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Introducing a brand new and environmentally-friendly paper and packaging solution: Upak! Handy enough to be carried anywhere, Upak is a clean, economical and simple alternative to bubble wrap packaging. It is a compact and easy-to-use plain wrapping paper which can also be used as paper void fill in your packing boxes.

Fully recyclable, it is made from 100m of 100% recycled paper which is 38cm wide and fan-folded in a convenient double-sided box, specially designed to be easy to use. One side dispenses a first class brown parcel paper and the other side dispenses it as crunched paper which can be used as void fill to protect your items.

Compact and portable, Upak is great for home businesses, offices and other work areas. Each box contains enough brown paper wrapping to pack up to 20 boxes without the need for any additional machines. Upak offers you the brown paper wrapping paper and void fill solution that is versatile and convenient.



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