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Paper Dispensers

Our paper dispenser is versatile enough to be free standing on your counter, bench or wall mounted. With a bar for easy tear off, the paper dispensers provide a cost-effective, simple and quick way to cut and dispense rolls of Kraft paper and therefore are a boon in a busy posting room or packing station. Our paper roll holders are supplied in 3 different sizes up to 1m to accommodate the various widths of our brown wrapping paper.

Our paper roll dispenser comes with a premium quality reinforced tube that is flexible and allows an extra high capacity. You can use two counter roll holders together, placing one on top of the other, by using stacking brackets.
Compared with pre-cut packaging, our paper roll dispensers offer a cost-effective way to make use of various types of paper, including Kraft paper, gift wrapping paper, brown paper wrapping, shrink film or foil because they allow you to choose the paper’s appropriate length. They are simple and clean to use with a tear off bar and great for mail rooms or in-store gift wrapping.

Supplied flat packed for quick assembly, the stacking brackets, wall brackets, and hanging brackets, bought separately, allow our paper dispenser to be mounted on walls or counters, or you can simply keep your paper roll holder as a freestanding piece of your packaging or stationery equipment.
Paper dispensers provide a professional and safe way to measure out different types of papers for any general application.



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