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Fill-Air Sealed Air Packaging Machine & Air Bags

Our sealed air packaging machine and packaging air bags provide a time-saving and superb cushioning solution for transporting a wide range of items, particularly fragile ones. The inflator machine produces on demand packaging pillows, tailor-made void-fill for each carton. This locks items in place while protecting them from damage. Choose from 7 sizes of Fill-Air packaging air bags to use with our sealed air-packaging machine.

Take a look at the video on the right hand side of the page to see how very simple it is to use.

Durable and versatile, the air fill system ensures maximum productivity and can be plugged in anywhere so is perfect for warehouse packaging needs. It is the ideal packaging partner for speed, protection and efficiency.
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It is always a challenge to transport fragile items as they require extra protection and care. Our sealed air packaging machine ensures your valuables get the perfect protection they need as it produces air bags for packaging that are strong and versatile to use.

This pillow packing system not only cushions items to protect them from knocks and bumps while in transit, but also serves as void fill material to further protect the contents. Because of this, breakages and damages are significantly reduced.

You can choose from 7 sizes of air bags and easily customise them to suit your needs. Follow these 5 simple steps to maximise the efficiency of your air packaging:

1. Switch on the air fill inflator machine.
2. Place inside the box the items you wish to ship, leaving one void area.
3. Position the flat pillow-packing bag in the box and insert the machine’s inflator nozzle into its valve.
4. While the machine inflates the sealed air bag, keep the 3 flaps of the box closed.
5. Stop when you believe the air bag has already expanded enough to fill the void you left in the box, take the inflator nozzle off and close the remaining flap of the box. For added security seal the box with our adhesive tape.

Easy, quick, and convenient to use, our sealed air packaging machine and fill air bags will ease all your packing worries.
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