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Mail Lite Plus Bubble Envelopes - Oyster

Our Mail Lite Plus bubble envelopes are strong yet lightweight protective postal bags in 10 sizes, complete with a self-adhesive strip for ease of closure. The bubble envelopes are made from strong attractive oyster-coloured kraft paper with laminated bubble linings, providing perfect protection to delicate and important items during transit. They are burstproof and weatherproof with resistance to puncture and tearing.

Easy to write on and tough enough to handle heavier objects such as books, these bubble lined envelopes save on extra wrapping as well as postage costs.

Our lightweight Mail Lite Plus bubble lined envelopes offer a cost-effective and flexible postal solution for many different items. Bubble envelopes are not only ideal for mailing delicate objects such as electronic parts but also for posting heavy or important documents and even books. Durable and robust, a Mail Lite Plus postal bag withstands tearing and punctures as well as harsh weather conditions.

Our bubble lined mailers increase productivity in busy packing areas, firstly because you don’t need an extra inner wrapping, and secondly because their self-adhesive strip makes it fast to seal them. With outer oyster kraft paper for an attractive appearance, our Mail Lite Plus bubble envelopes have a smooth surface that’s easy and convenient to write on or label.

The Mail Lite bubble envelopes come in 10 different sizes:

  • 110 x 160mm
  • 120 x 210mm
  • 150 x 210mm
  • 180 x 260mm
  • 220 x 260mm
  • 220 x 330mm
  • 240 x 330mm
  • 270 x 360mm
  • 300 x 440mm
  • 350 x 470mm



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