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Cardboard Book Mailers

Book mailers allow you to conveniently send books and other solid flat items, such as brochures and catalogues, in the post. Made from pre-creased strong single wall corrugated cardboard, both our traditional-style and self-seal wraparound book boxes are highly protective and available in A5 and A4 formats. They can be adjusted to fit snugly around the book or books as required. In addition we have self-seal A5 and A4 cardboard envelopes, also suitable for packaging CDs, DVDs, computer games, etc.

Our book mailers are flat-packed for easy storage and quickly assembled, making them a cost-efficient solution for your book packaging needs.

Our cardboard book mailers provide a book packing solution specially designed to give you the convenience and postal protection you need.  Conventional boxes may be too large and standard mailing bags too flimsy, particularly for packing heavy and bulky books. We offer a choice of 2 kinds of easy to use wraparound cardboard book boxes, made from 400gsm corrugated cardboard. In addition we have affordable and convenient light but strong rigid cardboard envelopes that can expand up to 50mm in depth. All types come in A5 and A4 sizes.

Our “twist & turn” book mailing boxes are made from tough corrugated card which fits neatly around your book or other printed material. To use, just place the flat-packed book box on a flat surface, put the book in the centre then fold the flaps around it and seal with packing tape.

Our book wrap packaging mailers are made from strong 400gsm corrugated B flute cardboard, and can be height-adjusted to 80mm. They are extremely easy to use, with a secure self-adhesive closing strip and a convenient ripper opener, and have the benefit of extended corners, thus providing all-round protection from denting or crushing.

Both these types of book box fit Royal Mail’s small parcel category (2kg weight limit) and are supplied pre-creased, making it easy for you to fold the cardboard around the contents.

Our rigid envelopes are an economical book postal solution that’s suitable for mailing a wide range of flat items as well as books – and they conveniently fit Royal Mail’s low-cost large letter size (up to 25mm thick and 750g). Made of strong 400gsm board, they can expand up to 50mm in depth. They are self-seal and have an easy-open strip.

The smooth Manilla brown Kraft surface of our book packaging is easy to write on or stick labels to. All our book mailers are environmentally friendly, being made from recycled cardboard.

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