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Packaging Equipment

For a more productive and convenient packing process, choose from our range of packing equipment and materials. From adhesive tape guns to jumbo paper roll dispensers and practical packing stations, our packing room supplies are designed to make life easier when packaging items for shipping or storage. We have all the packaging tools and mailroom equipment you will need.

As packing materials suppliers we have a wealth of experience, so you can rely on our expertise and be assured of the quality and cost-effectiveness of our packaging products.

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Our range of products are ideal for any warehouse or business involved in high volume and heavy duty shipping as all of our packing machinery is designed to boost the organisation and productivity of a fulfilment house or the mailing department.

Our paper dispensers are indispensable for providing fast and efficient void fill or wrapping, while keeping the work area tidy. To seal your packages and boxes, choose from our range of adhesive tape dispensers and glue guns with various glue strength and colour options. They will all give the professional finish you require.

Our carton sizer tool is an ingenious money-saving product that you use to reduce the height of cardboard boxes – so you won’t need to keep so many different box sizes in store. Other cost-effective packing materials include polythene heat sealers with a cutter, which enable you to make your own plastic bags from polythene tubing. We also supply sealers without a cutter for sealing alone.

For extra convenience we offer you our space-saving economy packing table or custom modular packing bench.

We don’t forget the small details either, like reliable marker pens, all essential packing equipment to help you take control of the packing process.



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